Prince of Tides Property Developments


Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd entered the residential housing development market in 1998 with confidence and established themselves as an energetic and professional developer with a positive attitude towards the development of South Africa and the huge potential that awaits those who are willing to explore this existing market. Since our establishment we have strived to identify projects in areas where we believed lay a great potential of future economic growth and development in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.


This positive attitude led us to venture to areas like Newcastle in Northern KZN, Secunda, Bethal and Ermelo in Mpumalanga. We then realized the great residential opportunities that these areas will produce once the industrial and commercial sectors have been fully developed Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd acted proactively and acquired land that is suitable for residential development.


One project in particular took our imagination and energy to next level. Piccolo Toscana was born in Newcastle.  This project came at a time when Newcastle was not yet under the spotlight and we had to overcome a number of challenges to get the project approved through the Development Facilitation Act (DFA). Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd preserved and managed to engage in the ‘first of its kind’ project in Newcastle. The appointed professional team was instructed to plan and design a development that will re-establish the quality of live, safety, energy efficient house designs and optimum use of land.


Our anticipated impact on the local market was soon proved to be well planned when the first units in phase one of this development were sold in only a couple of days.


Today we have sold all our units and some of those private individuals who speculated have re-sold their units with a substantial growth in their investments. This came about when Newcastle finally reached the point where general development exploded. During this time we realized the great need for residential development in all economic sectors and Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd embarked on new residential developments, including a low cost housing development for the Newcastle Municipality.


The objective in developing Piccolo Toscana was to give potential home owners the opportunity to own a house with in a secure lifestyle development. We have managed to attract buyers from different economic sectors and never limited buyers to a minimum or maximum unit size. As previously stated all our units were sold and ranged in size from 170 to 435 square meters, which we believe created a sustainable and socially balanced development.


Finally our architect planned and designed this development in such a manner that although owners live in a secure complex the general feeling would still be that of living in the country. This was established by not allowing home owners to build yard walls in front of their units which created a public open space environment. A specialist landscaping Architect was appointed to address the establishment of indigenous gardens to further develop the environmental awareness of our development.


Piccolo Toscana in Newcastle is truly a one of kind housing development and Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd is proud to be associated with sustainable and socially balanced developments in South Africa.


Currently Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd is busy with residential development in Extension 23, Secunda.


All units are nearly sold out.