Prince of Tides Property Developments


Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd & Dovecall Properties (Pty) Ltd entered the residential housing development market during 1998 with confidence and established themselves as an energetic and professional property developer with a positive attitude towards the development of South Africa and unlocking the huge potential of this country. Since our establishment we have strived to identify projects in areas with substantial long term growth potential in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

We have identified areas like Newcastle in Northern KZN, Secunda, Bethal, Ermelo, Embalenhle and Balfour in Mpumalanga as sustainable long term high growth areas. We endeavoured and still endeavour to unlock the substantial potential locked up in the residential and commercial sectors in these areas due to the sustained and steady growth over the past 21 years, driven by the noticeable industrial and capital investment by some of South Africa’s largest companies in these areas.  Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd & Dovecall Properties (Pty) Ltd successfully anticipated this growth and acquired substantial portions of land that is suitable for both residential and commercial development.

It is with immense pride that we look back at past projects and the one project in particular that propelled us to the next level was Piccolo Toscana in Newcastle.  This project commenced at a time when Newcastle was not yet under the spotlight of most South Africans and we had to overcome a number of challenges associated with pioneering work in our sector to get the project approved through the Development Facilitation Act (DFA). Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd & Dovecall Properties (Pty) Ltd persevered and managed to pioneer a ‘first of its kind’ project in Newcastle. Under our guidance our appointed professional team was instructed to plan and design a development that enhanced the quality of life of residents of Newcastle, focussing on lifestyle, comfort, convenience, safety, energy efficient house designs, optimum use of land and most importantly quality workmanship and value for money.  Units varied between 170 square meters and 435 square meters to accommodate a wide variety of needs and buyers from different backgrounds and income brackets to truly reflect the inclusive nature of South Africa as a country.

Our professional team was tasked to create an environment where people would feel free and careless, to create a ‘Country Lifestyle” with green areas, clever landscaping and design, the promotion of the use of indigenous plants and water wise gardening practices. All this while still creating a safe and secure environment for families without feeling caged in.  A concept that we executed perfectly.

Our anticipated impact on the local market was proven during the launch of this development when the first units in phase one were sold in only a number of days to mostly existing Newcastle residents that were enthusiastically looking forward to becoming part of this new development.

We completed the development in time and according to plan on budget and all the units were sold to buyers who bought properties as new primary residences or by investors who saw the opportunity to invest in a project with double digit growth potential.  They were subsequently proven correct as prices on resales surpassed their expectations and their faith in our project and the possibilities was richly rewarded as the Newcastle economy started to blossom and grow at a rate far greater than expected for the area.

During this time we also realized the great need for residential development in all economic sectors across the board and Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd & Dovecall Properties (Pty) Ltd embarked on further new residential developments, including a low cost housing development for the Newcastle Municipality.

Piccolo Toscana in Newcastle truly is a one of kind housing development and Prince of Tides Property Developments (Pty) Ltd & Dovecall Properties (Pty) Ltd are very proud to be associated with sustainable developments in South Africa, that are done in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.  We have a proven track record of an inclusive approach to the property market, creating opportunities for people across the income spectrum to enter the property market.

Our second success story that we are very proud of is our current development of Extension 23 in Secunda.  We have again proved that we have the ability and skills to turn a substantial piece of open land into an integral part of a town or city, providing superb infrastructure to the residents and a final product that sells itself, build on the same principles and vision that we started off with in Newcastle and further refined in Secunda.

We are currently busy with a few projects:

  1. Embalenhle Tsalanang Project – Community Residential Housing Project (CRU)

The total upgrade and rejuvenation of the Tsalanang complex comprising of 24 existing units and 18 new units, bulk service upgrades, a pre-school, community hall, workshop, laundry, tuck shop and gatehouse including new stormwater, roads, parking and paving.

  1. Balfour 1500 units RDP Housing Project
  2. Embalenhle Water & Sewer Reticulation
  3. Charlestown 500 units RDP Housing Project